Dr. Worthington performs an intake evaluation upon first meeting with a patient. When he sees a patient for the first time, he starts with an evaluation that usually takes an hour, sometimes longer, depending on whether there is a complicated history or related medical conditions.

Dr. Worthington spends a considerable amount of time in the first few sessions answering questions about the diagnosis, explaining how he arrived at his conclusions, what the patient’s prognosis is, and what treatment options exist. He explains each medication that is being considered thoroughly to his patient, discusses side-effects, long term use as well as medication alternatives.

Follow up appointments usually last about 30 minutes and typically involve assessing the patient's response to the medication(s), evaluating other treatment options and planning for future decisions.

Dr. Worthington provides psychiatric services including assessment, education, consultation and treatment for adults as well as teens over 17 years old. Dr. Worthington welcomes patients for long term treatment or for a one-time consultation if a single visit is all that is requested. Patients are welcome from local, national and international referrals.


The fee for the Initial Evaluation is $700 and
the fee for follow up appointments is $300.